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Features of 7-zip

7-zip Features

7-zip Download – Personal files are very important because they usually hold important information or memories for people. Other computer files are easy to replace when the computer develops problems and needs to be reset, but restoring personal files without a backup is impossible.

It is in this regard that people have relied on creating backups and sharing files with others to do other things, but most importantly, to avoid permanent loss. There are easy ways of saving, organizing and manipulating files on PC or Macs and much of that starts with a 7-zip download. It is a free open source application for compressing and uncompressing files that is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux.

The 7-zip download is an essential tool for anyone looking to reduce space consumption on their computer, or prevent unnecessary manipulation of documents that can corrupt them. Here are more reasons on why its best to have a reliable application for compressing files and why you should use 7-zip. Each operating system needs just one 7-zip installation and you can use the same 7-zip download file to install the program on different computers

Compress Files with the 7-zip Download

7-zip DownloadRegular use of the internet exposes many people to downloads and for those who are frequent visitors to software libraries, ftp directories and Mp3 or video sites, getting compressed files as downloads is a normal routine. Those who upload files to the various services on the internet understand the preciousness of internet bandwidth and limited storage space in online servers.

As such, they are always looking for ways to reduce file sizes. This is why you find so many downloads are already compressed as a single file or as a folder containing several files. Compressing a folder with 7-zip ensures that a number of files are always together when passed from one user to another.

This is especially critical for software installation files that rely on different codes contained in different files. Having a corrupt file or a missing file renders all the other files useless. With archives made from your 7zip, it will be easy to compare file by checking a few archive files.

Its also easier to transfer one file over then internet than to send multiple files. Compressing folders lets you have several files as one and then you can simple search for them using one name of the compressed file. Internet download accelerators rely on the ability to breakdown a download into different parts that are then concurrently downloaded.

This is made easier when the initial file was compressed by 7-zip, which has the ability to reconfigure big files so that they are fragmented into smaller files and then reconstructed later into the initial file without losing any data. This works well to bypass several uploading websites or email programs limitations that only allow a certain uploading size limit for users.

Once you are done with your 7z download, you can use the program to fragment large archive files into multiple compressed files that you can then upload on such websites and online services.

On the case of downloads, the 7-zip software will read the coded instructions on each fragmented part of the compressed file and reconstruct the original file accurately.

7-zip Download & Installation

7z DownloadThe installation 7-zip is easy. You just need to run the installation file on your computer after downloading it. Once installed, it will add various options to your pop up menu whenever you click on a file. After installation, 7z also automatically associates with all files with the popular compressed file extensions such as rar, zip and 7z, which is for 7-zip.

You can just use expresses instructions of compressing a selection of files into one file that will be created within the same folder. The other option is to decompress or extract the contents of a compressed file into the same folder.

You do this by one or two right clicks on your windows computer, which brings up the installed 7zip download as part of the file context menu. The process is also similar on Mac and Linux.

You may also launch 7-zip that you have installed by opening the compressed file, from here, you can view the contents before extracting them and use them. The program will extract them to a temporary folder and let you view, edit or manipulate the files as you wish.

This shortcut feature comes in handy when you are not interested in keeping the uncompressed files on your computer. The last option is where you explicitly open files and choose where to extract them on your computer.

Other than extraction, 7-zip 64 bit download is also useful for compression. You can add files to an already existing compressed files by simply dragging them, or opening the compressed file and following the on-screen options of adding more files.

The things that make your 7z worth it, compared to other file archiving software include the speed, efficiency (compression ratio), the supported file formats and licensing.

7-zip will have advanced options that let you set your preferred compression ratio. This gives you control on how long the process takes and how much file size reduction happens. This is helpful when you are dealing with media files that may not necessarily compress in an automatic setting, unless you create manual instructions.

Different file formats have different advantages and go well with different operating systems. The 7-zip download lets you go with zip or rar format, which as a better compression ratio.

You can also choose among the many specialized formats such as BZ2, TAR and GZ that go well with Unix based systems such as Linux. The native 7z format also gives very good compression ratios. The 7-zip installation file comes in a handy file size that is easily transferable using portable media like Micro SD cards and USB drives.

7-zip Download Benefits

The last benefit of 7zip that you should know about is password protection of your compressed files. A good way to secure files stored on your computer, or when you are sending them over the internet is to password protect them.

Many individual file processing software such as Microsoft Office products may let you put passwords on your files. Unfortunately, having passwords for all files is not very efficient; besides, some programs like music players do not let you password protect the media that you have on your computer. The easiest way is to compress the files with 7-zip, which then lets you add a password to the archive file.

You can then add more files or share the archive with others without worrying about unauthorized access to your files. This option comes in handy when you are sharing a computer with others and do not want to simple keep them away from your files. You should now go ahead and get your 7-zip download installed into your computer.

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